GREE / TOKYO DEX wall painting project
TOKYO DEX contacted me to create a mural for the 3rd floor of the GREE office in Roppongi (Tokyo).
The concept was to create an urban atmosphere in the office. I decide to express the power of "creativity" by breaking down the walls to let creative ideas through and using a traditional icon, the KOMAINU (狛犬) to protect them.
Originating in the Tang Dynasty and arriving via the Silk Road... the Komainu symbol of lion (after lion-dog) comes from the Middle East. It arrived in India then in China, in Korea and finally in Japan, which is very interesting to express multiculturalism and universality. One of them with an open mouth says "a", the other "um", which is the "om" in Buddhism. They are in temples but even in private homes. They express for me protection and security, but also spirituality (not in a religious way)...
That's why I decided to mix these symbols protecting GREE creators but also breaking the rules and their limits of creativity.

It was amazing to collaborate with Tokyo Dex's team and the other artists who were present on this floor: Titifreak, Erica Ward and Maharo_Visual.
Photo by Michael Holmes
Office Design by Mitsuhiro Matsuura of Tokyo Creators' Project (designFreak) / KOKUYO Co., Ltd.

Client: GREE, Inc. 
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