Tiësto - The Feeling (LED screen content)
Based on the song The Feeling, the intention was to keep a positive and optimistic side in the video despite the tragedy that the band "Où est Le Swimming Pool" experienced. The concept was to feature Tiësto himself in an epic anime-style sequence. Emphasize the dedication and the brave side of the character who does not hesitate to sacrifice himself to save the one he loves. By this, they will rise and both will go beyond their love. A message of hope.

Originally, the song was 3 minutes long but Tiësto, liking the concept, decided to use the extended version of the score which ended up being 6 minutes long. Another challenge !


Conceived and produced by Moment Factory for Tiësto.
Direction: Alexandre Osmoze Brakha
Illustration and animation : Alexandre Osmoze Brakha
Additional animation : Zabelle inc.
Motion design: Rémi Vincent
Music: Royal Blood - Out Of The Black
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