Super Tomate: Teaser & Pilote
Created by  Clark the U-Man & Oxmo Puccino
Super Tomate is the story of a penguin super hero... and... that's it !

Super Tomate is one of those "dream projects" with a tragic ending, ones that fascinate and give a lot of enthusiasm when they arrive but are extremely frustrating when they end. When I met Shoot the Boss and Xavier Fauthoux for the first time, he told me about a project fitting with my skills and universe. I couldn't imagine that was a project written and created by Clark the U-Man and Oxmo Puccino... One amazing French rapper. I accepted immediately and we worked on a Teaser fully made in Flash animation. After that, meeting with some enthusiasm from the broadcasters, we worked on an episode pilot. We did the storyboarding and before we even started production, Clark decided to pull the project and develop it another way. How sad for Shoot the Boss and myself. However, this project remains one of the most important projects in my career, one that some people in the industry still talk to me about when I meet them.

Here is the Pilote' storyboard (Episode written by Clelia Constantine >
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