Creation of a concept, universe, based on classic Puzzle/RPG game in a cartoony animation style. I was in charge fo the artistic development of this IP for IGG Japan. I was also in charge of Narrative design concept / UI/UX supervising and development / Unity UI animation direction / Cinematic Direction and conception / Creative Direction of the project.

This match 3 game was already in progress when I arrived as Art Director to IGG Japan. The mechanic of the game was almost established but the narrative design and the visual development were in progress. My intention was to make something simple but at the same time immersive and entertaining. With one of the Game Deisgner, we developped the story of young kid coming on a mysterious island to save his scientist grandma from an evil company exploiting the natural resources of the island. With a lot of cool and funny animals, he will explore the island and resolve many things.
Character design and InGame BGs made with Tatiana Koidanov Zolotar (Coloring and Polish).
BGs & Props made with IGG Singapore Art Team leaded by Chris de Joya
UI art made with Tokyo and Singapore Art Teams.
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