PATTERNITY | Solo Exhibition​​​​​​​ (Bangkok/Tokyo)
Blending Japanese and North American pop culture and European classical culture in a Post-Graffiti style, Patternity is a visual experience about the meaning and symbolism of things. The patterns are clear and somewhat mysterious to some extent. Strict, simple, complex, inspiring, full of meaning and symbolic.
A pattern has no limit, except that the surface it is given allows it to have, as imagination or creation have the limits that society gives to them.The pop colour, the very smooth and smooth aspect of the lines, the contrasts, the compositions, all testify to the artist’s graphic
and historical legacy. It is in this post-graffiti style, the artist explores and interprets an atypical world that surrounds him and that he likes to let himself be explored.
My tools are limited to brushes and acrylic. The aim is to transpose this modern style with traditional tools and only these.
Inspired by lived events and encounters, memories or fantasies, each piece constituting the exhibition conveys a feeling peculiar to my subjectivity. Again, the themes of femininity, spirituality and society are intermingled very often.
This opposition is my leitmotiv. To express one’s own vision of femininity, spirituality and society, in all subjectivity, by relying on very concrete, objective meanings, in this case, patterns.
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