KINGDOM: Live show Art Direction & Assistant Direction
The Kingdom is a show project produced for China by PERRAULT-SAMSON in Montreal, Canada, and Directed/Staged by Guy Caron.
Including dance, acrobatics, acting and of course video content, this show is one of the biggest I could work on in term of size, content amount, technic and time.

I was in charge of the Art Direction for entire video content with the support of NORMAL Studio in Montreal. And also was in charge of the coordination between the visual studio and the show itself as Guy Caron's assistant director.
The concept was to use two visual style, one for the present and one for the past. Two time zones, two styles. First one realistic, second one with a water color painting style, more abstract too.
All of the images are the property of © Copyright Gestion Créative Perreault-Samson.
Stage technical specifications:
Screens are moving but also the swimming pool is a projection surface, side elements, etc... Working with the light to not disturb the performances and the screen contents was a challenge.
Video content samples and researches:
Storyboard matching video content and acting/acrobatics/stage performances:
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