BILTWELL Motovember | Group Exhibition
This custom piece was made for Motovember Charity Art Aunction 2016 in Montreal on Biltwell's helmet.
Participating artists include Nick Oaks, Travis Driscoll, Meka, Osmoze, LeBicar, Zoë Gelfant, Mishou De Champlain & more!

My concept was to rope the helmet using a Shibari (縛り) technique. Shibari is a Japanese word that broadly means "binding" or "tying" in most contexts, but is used in BDSM to refer to this style of decorative bondage.
The helmet is fully covered by newspaper where we can read sexual announcement and advertising in total opposition of what is Erotic art for me... I painted on top of it a tied woman to show how Shibari is an amazing and inspiring art. This piece expresses the opposition between erotic art and sexual business.
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