DOUCHKA - "Sunday Morning": Director / Art Director
Views: 24K on Youtube
a JUNTA's production
created and directed by Lex & Alexandre Osmoze Brakha

Starring Bhuchidt Boonsane aka Alien
Production Services: UMOON (Christophe Guyot)
Line Producer: Charlie Buranrom
Driver: Bung at Batman Van Rental
Animation Design by Alexandre Osmoze Brakha
Grading: Antonio Lizzio
Head of Creative Studio: Julien Vallet
Vfx Supervisor: Vincent Venchiarutti
Vfx Producer: Nicolas Huguet
Lead Compositing Artist: Maxime Cordier
Compositing Artists: Jean-martin Mossu, Yannick Lapasset
Creating this music video was a challenge. Nicolas Lexa from Junta contacted me when I was in Thailand for few months doing an artist residence. The main idea was to follow a young Muay Thai fighter and showing the contrast between his daily life and his dreams. Alien was 13 yrs old and already had more than 30 fights... Wake up at 4am, training, going to school at 8am, back home at 4pm, training, fighting, training, training again, go to sleep... everyday... except Sunday...
The animation is illustrating Alien's childhood and innocence. It is a way to express his dreams, his dedication at 13 for his sport but also his family, because he fights for them.
Meeting this kid, who loves football and his Sunday when he can visit his mother, was a real life lesson.
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