Death on Wheels: Animated feature film and transmedia project
Death on Wheels is a 90 min fantasy horror epic setted in contemporary Japan, from the Kyushu island to the mysterious Hakone mountain near Mount Fuji.
Inspired by the seinen manga, horror folklore of Japan and Western slasher movies, we immerse ourselves in a deadly road trip, where a robbery seems “normal” meets the extraordinary.
Emotional, cinematic, anchored in each character’s psyche, Death on Wheels is a heartfelt tribute to The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits and other Asian fantasy horror stories... but also inspired by Se7en and True Detective in terms of suspense and thriller... an osmosis of human drama and supernatural fear.
" When three bikers try to escape after a mysterious robbery ordered by an old Yakuza godfather, they are targeted by agents of INTERPOL and... a mysterious black-clad rider.
It is after a game of hide-and-seek, murders and epic races through the landscape of Japan, that all of these gangsters and the deadly black rider meet each other in a final therific and violent showdown."

Death on Wheels visual signature is dynamic, creative and energetic. Fully in- spired by the horror fantasy and thriller visual identities.
Playing with codes and references, Death on Wheels draws in the most impressive episodes of the Twilight Zone to make the most immersive storytelling. Each framing serves the story and the fast pacing will increase the sense of urgency and terror that overwhelms the characters. An influence from Carpenter’s movies is sensibly present in Death on Wheels. Assault on precinct 13 or Halloween, these movies where the heavy atmosphere of the story pushes the characters in their last entrenchments.
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