BACKSTAB: Video Game CG Trailer
The main concept was to introduce the main character backstory during a vengeance scene.

As Director and AD for the Video Marketing and High Res Cinematic team at Gameloft, I was in charge of many Teasers, Trailers and commercials... but Backstab was one of the most exciting project we had to make. With 7 weeks only to deliver the short, with a small team and many other issues, we could deliver in time and establishing a solid and high quality standard for the Gameloft's High Res cinematics.

Some fun facts: The HQ asked us to remove a hanged men shot because it was too cruel and to change for a "rape scene"... We were a bit disappointed... Another one was to not have red blood because of the rating... true story lol
Director / Script / Art Director: Alexandre “Osmoze” Brakha
Production: Gameloft
Character modeling: Olivier Thériault / Véronique Comeau
Environment Artists / Props: Thibaut Claeys / Pascal Beeckmans / Simon Corbaux
Lighting / Shading / Rendering: Juan Carlos Jiménez
Animation: Jocelyn Roy (lead) / Alexandre Albala / Daniel Shlaifer / Patrick Rossano
Matte painting: Cristobal Nieto
Compositing: Marie-Eve Provençal / Patrice Bilodeau
Rigging / FX.: Martin Lutteral
Technical Director: Martin Lutteral
Logo design: Sylvain Rogé
CG supp.: Eric Labranche
Producer: Benjamin Goldman
Music: Gameloft team
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