ALL for NUTS : Animated TV series
- Official selection Cartoon Forum 2015, Toulouse, France
- Official selection CINEKID 2011, Amsterdam, Netherland

Three hopeless squirrels - Al, Cawet and Emmett - get lost overnight in the middle of Central Park. Now on their own, they join forces to burglarize a fast-food trolley: they need to stock up before winter comes. It's a long shot.

All for Nuts is an animated tv series produced by 4.21 PRODUCTIONS in France. The format is 52x4'. We use a hybrid technic mixing 2D animation and live action footage.


Production: 4.21 PRODUCTIONS
An animated series by Pascal Stervinou & Alexandre "Osmoze" Brakha
Based on an original idea by Alexandre "Osmoze" Brakha
Musique : Franck Roussel & Nicolas Richard
And the teaser made for the pitch at the 25th Cartoon Forum from 23-26 september in Toulouse
Trailer version
Episode #2 Animatic:
Storyboard made by Christophe Malcombe
Music by Dj R-Ash
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