Hello, I'm Alexandre Osmoze Brakha, an Award-winning Director, Art Director, Artist & Concept Writer based out of Tokyo, Japan.
I am a creative with extensive hands-on experience conceptualizing and creating in film, broadcast, games, marketing and live entertainment.
While working with creative agencies, production companies and animation studios, I was in charge of the direction, the ideation and/or the creative development for various kinds of projects which involved TV shows pilots, Shorts, Features, Commercials, Music Videos, title sequences, video game trailers, and more, for the world's largest brands, game developers, and networks. I can effectively assess client needs, generate unique creative solutions, and bring their concepts to life by communicating objectives clearly with vendors, artists, and producers.
I have made festival awarded live action short film and festival-nominated animation projects using innovative and hybrid digital tools and traditional art techniques. I'm also comfortable directing live action with extensive experience in pre-production, VFX, green screen, set design and filming around the world. In the process of creation, I believe it is essential that the substance and the form come together, as is the key to creating a consistent and astonishing project. Above all, I always strive to create compelling visual styles that enhance the storytelling.

Director & Creative:
I use my artistic skills and long experience to bring my clients’ messages and vision into cohesive, innovative imagery and strong visual storytelling.
I have experience working with teams and by myself on live action, animation, motion design, illustration, video mapping…on projects from pitch to final delivery.
I have worked with several production companies to develop their Art and Creative team in pre-production, production design, narrative design and video production.

As a post-graffiti and contemporary artist, I exhibit my vision and artistic commitments on various supports, from simple paper to a large wall. Solo exhibitions or group exhibitions, drawings, and paintings, also photographs and digitals, are the way to express other stories and emotions.

With classic Art training and studies, I work in analog and digital. Paper is my favorite starting point, from a sketch to develop the main idea to finally digitizing it in softwares. Mixing techniques is my favorite tool to create original concepts and IPs.
Rakuten X FCB, Super Bowl, Arena of Valors, Playstation, Netflix, Youtube Shorts,Mixi, Redbull, HBO, Just for laughs, Behaviour, Gameloft, Ubisoft, IGG, Cirque du Soleil, LG, Disney, Lionsgate, Bistar, Vogue / Burberry, Wacom, Refract, M6, Vans, WECS, Air Canada, Music+, …
Bon Jovi, Tiesto, Coralie & Supakitch, Dj Kentaro, Keizo Machine!, Hifana, Tokyo MinYo Club, R-Ash, Douchka, Dabin, Heyoon (New United), Shuriken/Faf Larage, Chien de paille, CM Jones, Dj Crystal, Dj To-Ru, Omatsuries, Alfa Rococo, Pistolets Roses, …

AKQA, Mr+, Ultra Super New, Mikros Image, Moment Factory, Bleu Blanc Rouge, Publicis, Foghorn, Millimages, Normal Studio, Gestion création Perrault Sanson, Romeo, Nakama, Tiktak Prod, Europa Corp, …

Thilsri International  Film Festival of India (IND) 2023
Tamizhagam International Film Festival (IND) 2024
BeARAVALI International Film Festival (IND) 2024
Zion International  Film Festival (USA) 2023
Global Independent  Film Festival of India (IND) 2023
7th Tunja International Film Festival (COL) 2023
El Ojo Iluso International Animation Film Festival (VE) 2024
14th Pune International Short Film Festival (IND) 2024
Chhatrapati Shivaji International Film Festival (IND) 2024
GIFF | Genesis International Film Festival (FR) 2024

Annecy Festival (FR) 2010
Cartoon Forum (FR) 2015
Urban Film Festival Montreal (CN) 2016
Behance portfolio Review (JP) 2014
Ink Drop (short Film) (Tiktak Production, Canal+, France)
Special Jury Award  Best International Short Film Thilsri International  Film Festival of India (IND) 2023
Special Mention Award Best Animated Short Film Tamizhagam International Film Festival (IND) 2024

Best Film Award French Shorts category ARAVALI International Film Festival (IND) 2024
Official selection Zion International  Film Festival (USA) 2023
Official selection Global Independent  Film Festival of India (IND) 2023
Official selection 7th Tunja International Film Festival (COL) 2023
Official Selection El Ojo Iluso International Animation Film Festival (VE) 2024
Official Selection 14th Pune International Short Film Festival (IND) 2024
Official Selection Chhatrapati Shivaji International Film Festival (IND) 2024
Official Selection GIFF | Genesis International Film Festival (FR) 2024


Romance in Plastic Minor (Short Movie) (Shoot the Boss production, France)
GRAFFITI ART Magazine Awards Best video 2011
Official selection Urban Film Festival 2016

All for Nuts (tv series pilote)
Official selection Cartoon Forum 2015, Toulouse, France
Official selection CINEKID 2011, Amsterdam, Netherland

Le Pourquoi Du Comment (tv series pilote) (Shoot the Boss production, France)
Official selection Annecy Festival 2010, Annecy, France
6T Show (tv series pilote) (Brocéliande, France)
Official selection Forum Cartoon 2007, Gerone, Spain
The Street (Short Movie)
Official selection Paris Humour Festival 2005, Paris, France
LKDLR (Flash animation)
Official selection Web Flash Festival 2001, Paris, France
Comic Book: Alph’Art scolaire 1998 (regional 17years old and +), Marseille, France 
Solo Exhibitions:
- JōNETSU[情熱], CYCAD Gallery, Tokyo (2023)
- IROPPOI[色っぽい], Ultra Super New Gallery, Tokyo (2021)
- Patternity (preview), Goja Gallery, Bangkok (2017)
- Kids Return, Anagra Gallery, Tokyo (2015)
- Nothing Beats a Good blade, OTH Gallery, Montreal & AMP Gallery, Tokyo (2014)
- Painting exhibition (no name), Gallerie Lafayette, Marseille (2006)
- Painting exhibition (no name), Pain Quotidien Cafe/Gallery, Marseille (2005)
Group Exhibitions:
POP UP GALLERY FUKUOKA 2nd season, Fukuoka (2023)

- ANNECY 5000, Art by Friends, Annecy (the Haras) (2020)
- CAN I SNEAK IT ?!, Art by Friends, Montreal, Annecy, Paris (2019/2020)
- PHRAKANONG, Goja Gallery, Bangkok (2019)
- Punchlines, Art by Friends, Wolrdwide exhibition (2018)
- GIFle, Art by Friends, Annecy, Paris (2017)
- Motovember Charity Art Auction exhibition, Turbo Haüs Gallery, Montreal (2016)
- Paint box Vol.4, Goja Gallery, Bangkok (2016)
- Paper Toy show, Fresh paint Gallery, Montreal (2015)
- Summer Gal 2015, AMP Gallery, Tokyo (2015)
- Burning Ink, Frank’s Chop Shop Gallery, New York (2011) (curator: DC, Redux)
- Press Start, Headquarter Gallery, Montreal (2010)
- Tribute to Skydoll, La Gallery, Montreal (2010)
- Forward 3, Agnes B Gallery, New York (2009) (curator: DC, Redux)
- Munny show, OTH Gallery, Montreal (2008)
- 71 project, Paris (2008) (curator: Awake studio)
- Forward 2, Espace Beaurepaire, Paris (2007) (curator: DC, Redux)
- Design Warriors Art Project, Singapour (2008)

Live paintings/Performances (selected):
POP UP GALLERY FUKUOKA 2nd season, (collaboration with Wok22, JP), Fukuoka (2023)
- JōNETSU[情熱]), CYCAD, Tokyo, Live painting (collaboration with Ai Hamada, Asari, Doc) (2023)

- Cycad (Harau Ichiban), Home Planet, Tokyo, Live painting (collaboration with Groundriddim Maharo and Doc, JP/US) (2023)
- Gree & Tokyo Dex, Murale (2022)

- Knots, 6th Oriental hotel, Live painting (2022)
- Fujikura Sports, Live painting (2021)
- Solfa, Nakameguro, Live painting (collaboration with Wok22) (2021)
- Edge of, Live painting (collaboration with Groundriddim Maharo and Doc, JP/US), Edge of Shibuya (2019)
- This is Quebec Tokyo, Painting and Video Mapping (collaboration with MTLight and Groundriddim Maharo), Mutek Japan (2019)
- Under Pressure, Graffiti wall (mural), Montreal (2017/2018 collab with Ankh One)
- It’s HipHop 1 & 2, Live paintings SO/ Sofitel BKK, Goja Gallery, Bangkok (2017)
- Marusan Japanese Bistro, Live painting, Montreal (2016)
- MIKROS images, Annecy Festival Live Painting performances, MiFa, Annecy (2016/2017/2018)
- Paint Box Vol.4, Live painting (collaboration with Wok22, JP), Goja Gallery, Bangkok (2016)
- Live painting (collaboration with Groundriddim Maharo, JP), AMP Cafe/Gallery, Tokyo (2015)
- Beaux Dégats (with Aude Maeva & MC Baldassari), live painting battle (6 wins), Montreal (2014-2015)
- Behance portfolio Review 5, Digital live painting, T-site Garden Gallery, Tokyo (2014)
- Hopeless Youth’s Music showcase, Live painting, OTH Gallery, Montreal (2014)
- Kids Return’s live painting (collaboration with Groundriddim Maharo, JP), AMP Cafe/Gallery, Tokyo (2014)
- AMP X Anagra at AAT The Terminal (collective live painting), Tokyo (2014)
- Volts opening show, live painting, Montreal (2013)
- Vans OTH, live painting, Montreal (2012)
- WeSC, live painting, Montreal (2012)
- Under Pressure Festival, Montreal (2008)
 ©2022 Alexandre Osmoze Brakha